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Constructed of super tough nylon seat belt fabric with leather ends.

Handmade in the USA, Souldier straps feature upcycled materials for their functional works of art. Souldier artists seek out new and unique fabrics to craft their products and follow the most eco-friendly manufactoring techniques when possible. The guitar straps are extensible up to 63". Built to last, Souldier offers a LIFETIME warranty on their products! Crafted by artists for artists, you will appreciate the fine, hand crafted quality and comfort. Souldier straps are used by Wilco, Aerosmith and other fine artists.

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Souldier Guitar Strap (soldier) - Seatbelt Blue Handmade

  • $22.10

Tags: GS0000BL.Blue Guitar Strap, Seatbelt Strap, Souldier Straps